Dr. Jessen Mukalel, MD

Dr. Mukalel is dedicated to finding the solutions for your pain syndromes. Having already completed a fellowship in Acute Pain Medicine in Pittsburg, as well as having been the Director of the University of Texas at Houston’s Orthopedic Anesthesia, Acute Pain Service and Fellowship in Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia, he moved back home to St. Petersburg, FL to be Bayfront Health System’s Chief of Pain Medicine and Obstetrical Anesthesia.

After a three year run with Bayfront, Dr. Mukalel decided to return for his second Fellowship in Interventional Chronic Pain Management at the nationally renowned, Florida Spine Institute. There he learned the practice of a multi-specialty approach to spine and pain management, including cutting edge therapies for continued pain after neck, back knee, shoulder, abdominal and hernia surgeries.

Dr. Mukalel’s continuous desire to learn sets him apart from others in his field. He is a founder and course director of a nationally attended, cutting edge, pain management course using Ultrasound to target peripheral nerves, joints, ligaments, tendons and spine for treatments.

Dr. Mukalel’s goals are to find the most precise and accurate locations for your pain as well as educating and empowering you on their cause and treatments options including nerve blocks, radio frequency ablation, epidural steroid injections, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators, interventional headache and facial pain management, medical pain management and IV Infusion therapies for the most severe cases.

Dr. Mukalel’s background in education guides his interest in conducting clinical research in his office for emerging technologies, pharmaceutical drugs and treatment options. He is dedicated to your care. He was twice awarded teacher of the month while at the University of Texas and you will notice a difference when he spends time with you educating and empowering from your pain!

Languages spoken: English, Hungarian, Malayalam, and Spanish.